What should you look for when deciding who to partner with on your next video project?

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What should enterprise companies look for in a video partner?

So, you’re ready to show the world what your business has to offer, and you want the world to see it all in an eye-catching, modern and professional video.  With all the various types of video production companies out there, it may feel like an overwhelming task to determine which company would be your perfect match.  You might wonder: Which company will help us bring our vision to life, while also helping us stick to our budget and our timeline?  What should we look for when deciding who to partner with on our video venture?  How do we even know who the perfect video production partner is?

Basically, there are four main qualities you should look for in your perfect video production partner.  You want to find a company that will communicate with you frequently and openly and that will invite you to collaborate with them throughout the process.  You also want to find a company with years of experience who knows how to prioritize to ensure that you stick to your timeline and your budget. 

Now, you might wonder: Why are these four qualities so important?  Read on to find out.

#1:  Frequent and Open Communication

Like in any relationship, open and frequent two-way communication is a key to finding success in your partnership with a video production company.  While you might be willing to participate often, the video production company should make it their priority to keep you updated and informed of progress frequently.  If you must ask where you stand with budget or when you can expect your first draft, they are not the perfect partner for you.  A remarkable video production company will have custom protocols, workflows, and the latest software to keep them in constant communication with their clients.  They will have short communication chains, allowing ideas to flow smoothly and come to life quickly, keeping production tim. 

Tip: Make sure you know how and how often you’ll hear from a video production company before choosing them as your partner. 

#2:  Collaboration

A company that invites their enterprise level clients to actively collaborate throughout every step of their projects will be a perfect partner. Video production companies should work to find your vision, and then develop messaging and strategy that align with this vision. This will take frequent, albeit often brief, conversations between you and the company at every step of the process to ensure success. From the scripting and storyboarding phase at the beginning all the way through animations and the final video delivery, you should be openly included in every step of the process, adding your creative input and most valuable ideas as you’d like. You know your product and your vision, and the video production company knows how to communicate to your potential clients by clearly presenting your concept. They know how to keep your viewers’ attention using animation and/or live action video. By working in collaboration with you, your video partner will efficiently and effectively produce a successful final product.

Tip: Be wary of production companies who don’t want to include you or seek your input at each step of the process. If they simply take your script, bullet points, and messaging at the beginning, and then don’t contact you again until the product is complete, you may be in for a big surprise, and not in a good way.

3: Experience

When looking for a video production company that will be your perfect partner, you want to make sure that you find a company that has experience, or multiple years in the business. Although smaller, younger production companies might use beautiful and intriguing digital imagery, smart and successful video production is not only about having the prettiest pictures. In addition to striking visuals that incorporate the latest trends, a company with experience will be able to offer highly effective and efficient processes that will streamline your experience. They will know which marketing and production approaches are valuable and won’t waste your time while they experiment with new methods. New and shiny can initially look attractive but remember – a little grey hair here or there is actually a good thing.

Tip: Be sure to ask a company about their experience and years in the business as well as seek out references from previous clients.

#4:  Knows how to Prioritize

Your perfect video production partner will be a company that knows how to prioritize resources throughout the process in order to ensure that they stick to the budget and timeline you agreed upon initially.  Throughout the production process, your video production partner should review specific dates that have been set in the timeline and work to complete steps by then, if not sooner.  Regarding your budget, your perfect partner will be completely transparent, sticking to an agreed upon amount the entire time, unless they communicate with you directly a need for a change and get your direct approval. 

Tip:  Transparency and direct, upfront communication are key regarding timeline and budget for a video production project.

Does this Perfect Partner Exist?

The thought of finding a video production company that possesses all the qualities above may sound too good to be true, but this unicorn does, in fact, exist.  Levitate is a video production company that has built a world-class team of web video production project managers, scriptwriters, graphic design specialists, illustrators, and animators. With over ten years of collective experience as a company, Levitate engages their clients as they bring their visions to life through video.  Levitate fosters a frequent two-way feedback loop with their clients using Basecamp and other online tools to keep the whole team on the same page while ensuring that all are informed and on schedule.   Levitate prides themselves on including endless reviews at every step of the production process; they want your feedback and will work until they have your complete satisfaction as well.   

This is an example of Levitate’s great work.  This is a video that can be viewed without sound, such as on social media, or with sound, to make an even greater impact. 

This video, also created by Levitate, is an example of how 2D animation can be artistic and clean and can flow well to bring an idea to life.

Levitate is the perfect video production partner for your enterprise company.  For more information about Levitate and how they can support your company and its vision, please email