Live video production is a cornerstone offering of the Levitate team. For over a decade, we’ve traveled the world for productions both in-studio, and on-location, capturing products, testimonials, events, aerial video, and more.

In doing so, we have perfected a process which reduces risks, promotes creativity + collaboration, and maximizes the investments our clients are making.

Our seasoned live video production team has an unmatched passion for the work they do. We continue to push the envelope on what’s possible whether on-location or in-studio, with crews sizes as small as three, or more than seventy.

We’d love to brainstorm ideas on how we can work together.

  • Discovery

    Whether you’re an agency with a creative package ready to shoot, or an internal department with an idea, our experienced Producers will quickly provide a preliminary schedule and budget based around your vision, and provide suggestions from years of experience which can help streamline costs.

  • Pre-Production & Logistics

    Following scope of work approval, your dedicated Levitate Producer will coordinate, communicate, and orchestrate all details and approvals to your team leading up to your shoot date, from storyboards, to locations, to crew, talent, and production equipment.

  • Production

    Call sheets and a production brief will be provided prior to shooting so all team members are clear on where they need to be, and when they need to be there. Your Producer will be by your side to answer any questions, or handle any surprises. Additionally, your Production will be covered under Levitates’ comprehensive insurance, covering locations, crew, and up to $1M of rental equipment.

  • Post – Production

    Once we wrap principal filming, your Producer will move your project into and through post-production seamlessly, communicating any on-set notes to our post-production team of editors, vfx or motion-graphic artists, colorist, and audio teams your specific production is scoped for.

  • Distribution

    Levitate can have your content ready to distribute for whatever format and specifications your distribution plan calls for. Levitate can also assist in distribution strategy and buying if needed.


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  • Non-Scripted Editorial

    These types of productions include corporate overviews, which provide potential customers, investors, or employees a view “behind the curtain”. Typically, these “about us” videos are compiled using a combination of non-scripted interviews and cut-away b-roll footage of the subject matter being discussed in the interviews. The “non-scripted” approach provides the interview respondent the ability to answer questions in more of a conversational manner, providing a more natural, authentic feeling in the final edit.

  • Scripted – Presenter on screen

    This type of production features one or more presenters reciting a script directly into the camera. Most often, we utilize a teleprompter which the talent can reference to speed production, especially with longer scripts. These types of productions can also use a green screen background so that titles and graphics can appear on screen with the presenter as they’re speaking.

  • Scripted – Talent Dialogue

    These Productions typically include casted talent performing scripted scenes of spoken dialogue. These productions are done in-studio or on-location for a variety of content purposes, from product or solution commercials, to instructional or educational content.  These types of videos can also use captured footage of choreographed scenes with talent, only the talent is not speaking, a scripted narration is used as voiceover.

  • Event Promo or Recap

    Event promotions or recaps are typically filmed using one or more cameras to cover an event such as a trade show, product launch, competition, or other notable events. The footage from these events can be used to recap an event for attendees, show those who weren’t in attendance what they missed out on, and to promote a subsequent event that’s recurring or similar.

  • Aerial Video

    Aerial video is a great stand-alone option, and can be added to non-scripted or scripted shoots. All Levitate drone pilots are all FAA part 107 certified. While real-estate focus is an obvious use for aerial video, it can also be added to other types of video where scale is important to see, or just to make b-roll more dynamic.

  • Demos / Tutorials / How-to

    These types of videos can help humanize your products and reduce customer support tickets by clearly demonstrating how to perform a task or use a product. This can be done without audio, with a presenter explaining, or a narrated voice over if only hands or product are shown.



Our production team has worked with up and coming regional brands, to Fortune 100 companies across verticals. Let us tell your story, and show you the power of video.

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    We have produced over 5,000 live, animated, and eLearning videos for clients in all industries and all sizes.

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    Our services help companies of all sizes. For large organizations, our team can partner with you for highly complex and extended engagements.

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    Because of the variety of clients we serve, we offer pricing models that address the specific needs or both large and small companies.

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    Our team is built from professionals from many backgrounds. This allows us to suggest a massive variety of styles and video-related services.

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