The Latest Video Production Trend – Summer 2019

Video Trends

Lights… Camera… Aspect Ratio

In the video production world, staying in touch with the current trends is vital to remaining relevant. With social media networks constantly growing and changing, the need to be able to promote a business and share video through multiple, varied mediums is key to a successful marketing plan. During the first half of 2019, there has been an increase in clients’ requests for their videos to be delivered in multiple aspect ratios and lengths for different distribution channels.

Previously, the typical final video format was a 16:9 rectangular video file, and that was the only layout that was needed or requested. However, in order to share a single video through different forms of social media, a client might now request 4 or 5 variations for a single video.

These aspect ratios are now common requests:

A 16:9 aspect full length version for website and Youtube
A 4:5 aspect condensed version for Instagram promoted content
A 1:1 aspect condensed version for Instagram and Facebook organic timelines.
A 9: 16 aspect full version for Instagram stories (vertical video)

Why does this matter, you might be wondering?

While creating so many different versions of a video is certainly possible, it takes significantly more consideration in pre-production to ensure the video shots are framed so they can be cropped accordingly for each ratio. It’s also important to make sure that the key actions in the scene are in the center of frame, regardless of video size.

This might sound a bit complicated, however, if planned correctly, video production can maximize the content they’re able to capture in a single shoot to cover all a company’s marketing needs. The conversations that happen during pre-production are essential and can help this process to be seamless for the client.

The content below was all created in a single shoot, allowing this company to promote themselves through several social media outlets.

Traditional 16×9

9×16 for Instagram stories

4×5 for Instagram promoted content

1×1 for Facebook

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